10 Tips To Grow Sales In Your Small Business 


My name is Nigel Campbell

But that does not really matter, you can find out more about me later if you want to.

I just wanted to let you put a face to the name so you can decide if I am the kind of guy you
want to take advice from.

The reason for this guide is simple really

Having worked in Sales and Marketing for the best part of 25+ years and coming into contact with 1000’s of small business owners.

I finally grew sick of repeating myself to 90% of them.

So I decided to create my own little ecosystem to share my answers with you and them.

You see, the questions and beliefs I hear from small business owners are always the same

“I don’t like selling as I don’t want to sound salesy” (like that’s a word :-))

“I don’t mind giving out free sessions to grow my business?????”

“How do I find new clients?”

“I don’t think social media works for my business!”

Well i have news for you

Sales and marketing is not difficult

If you know how to implement a lead generating system and sales process, which suits your small business and you

The only difficult part for most business owners is getting out of there own way long enough to make the magic happen.

You see I know a lot of you will have spent money and time on some damn fine courses

And been fired up to make things happen

But then life got in the way

And you promised yourself that you would get back to that course that you spent good money on when you have the time

Well that time never comes

So instead your going round and round like a goldfish in an ever shrinking bowl.

Well, the good news for you

Is this guide is designed to give you inspiration and ideas for you to quickly implement some cash-generating
activities in your small business.

Some of the tips are obvious, but a lot of you are not doing them, and this could be for any number of reasons

Lack of confidence

Unsure how to implement

Fear of technology

But you have to seize the fear

Get out of your comfort zone

And do it anyway

You see the one thing I have learnt over the past 12 months

Is that consistency beats everything else.

If you put a new strategy into action and measure it.

Well the numbers don’t lie

And once you can see that something is working

It becomes easier to do it regularly.

You don’t believe me?

Well try posting on your social media every day for 90 days

And if your followers don’t go up by at least 15%, I’ll buy you a coffee.

So take these ideas, implement one or two of them and let me know how you get on.

I’ll be adding further content so check back often to get some fresh ideas sales and marketing ideas for you
to implement in your small business.

Now go and get some sales.