Social Media Marketing 

Boosting Small Business Sales Using Social Media Marketing

The internet in itself has allowed businesses of all sizes to advertise their brand not only nationwide but globally. However when we WERE introduced to social media and social networks the exposure that our messages could get across these platforms went through the roof. To increase your sales in your small business the first thing you have to do is make more people aware both of your brand and of the service you are offering them. And getting this message spread across these social platforms is extremely effective but not utilised by a lot of businesses.

Over half of the population of the entire planet use one form of social media or another. With recent estimates putting the total amount of users at 3.96 BILLION. That’s 51% of the entire planet who are signed up to social media. Of course, you’re not going to want to appeal to every single of those. But the numbers go to show that no matter what country you’re based in a huge majority of the population will be signed up to social media.

Marketing For Free

Social media platforms do allow for you to run paid marketing campaigns but at the same time, they are great platforms to gain exposure for free and drive people towards your website in the hope of securing that sale. As long as you are consistent in your message across the different social media platforms that you’re on you will start to attract a following of fan of your business and it’s now that you need to start to get some leads. These social media platforms act as a perfect way for embedding a call to action on your posts to drive them to your website so that they can discover more about your product are service.

Another call to actions can be to like your page for example. Once this is done when you post blogs in future or release an offer you know that anyone who has liked your page is bound to have visibility. It’s almost like the social media equivalent of someone subscribing through your website to a newsletter and receiving it whenever it is sent out.

Communicate With Your Customers        

Social media platforms have also become a great way to engage with the general public and customers. It allows customers to communicate directly with you without having to wait in a queue on their phone. For example, they can get in touch with you on live chat. Not only does this allow them to ask questions but it also provides you with a channel to which you can let the customer know about your business and the services and products you sell. It’s also a channel through which customers can provide feedback and a review following the purchase of your products/services. Something that can help you attract new customers.

Reviews on social media and praises of your products and services can help your brand spread like wildfire online. It’s the digital equivalent of word of mouth and is one of the best ways of gaining new customers and increasing those all-important sales. When you have made a sale to a customer it’s always worth asking them if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review and like your page so you can start to build up your community of fans online.

One Of Your Most Valuable Digital Assets

Your social media accounts alongside your website are two of your most valuable digital asset working in tandem with one another. Your website can help to drive traffic towards your social media platforms and your social media platforms can in return redirect customers towards your website should they want to know more about your products and services. Together with if these digital assets are used correctly they can help your sales grow consistently and can help your customers feel closer to you as a business as it allows them to communicate with you a lot faster and provide any suggestions or feedback that they might like to.

Start Utilising Your Social Media Channels Today!

If you aren’t making the most out of your social media channels as a business hopefully it has now become apparent that you are losing out on a huge opportunity to get your business noticed and to gain them leads and convert them into sales! If you want to know more about how you can start utilising your social media channels to their fullest extent then take a look at The Love Sales Hate Selling Academy

Or get in touch.

I’d be more than happy to show you the areas for improvement when it comes to gaining sales through your social media channels.

Utilising your social media channels is just one of many ways that you can grow sales in your small business.

Read on to find out the other ways to grow your sales today!

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